How the proper Feng Shui consultation looks like?

Over the past several years on the wave of growing interest in the cultures of the Far East, meditations, yoga, spiritual development, also reach us Feng Shui fashion. The female guides at least once per season, in addition to the provisions of the domestic masks and how to remove stains  of the dog lair out there are proposals, what should be put in the bathroom that was consistent with that magical “Feng Shui”. In bookstores Feng Shui guides can be found in different sections: interior design, gardens, balconies, even a desk job  you can arrange according to Feng Shui. But what really is the whole Feng Shui? Is this another seasonal curiosity, fashion for exoticism with no deeper meaning? Or perhaps something is really convinced that a properly designed space can significantly improve our mood and affect our lives. Finally, reportedly in Hong Kong, no building has no right to be created without prior consultation with Feng Shui expert, and let’s look at just how prosperous the economy was there.Let’s start from the beginning. Feng-Shui come from ancient China, where people from the dawn of the century believed that the entire universe, all its elements are interrelated by the energy  they called chi (qi). This energy is constantly in motion, and Feng Shui is a way to analyze the movement and describe how this energy affects our lives, health, relationships, jobs, prosperity, how to strengthen the positive chi and prevent, neutralize negative chi.

Ancient Chinese gives a very high respect to their ancestors. Originally the art of Feng Shui was used to find the best location for the burial of the dead, because it was believed that a properly conducted burial ceremony, in the right place will ensure the welfare and care for the next generation. With time, based on observation of nature, the seasons, the elements of successful localization determinants were also moved to houses and interiors. The literal translation of Feng Shui means “wind and water”, two elements which route the flow of chi energy in the direction to the village, home or place of burial. Metaphorically it symbolizes life in harmony with the forces of nature, using centuries-old knowledge of arranging space in order to serve and assist the achievement of objectives.

This is important because there is no such thing as a universal Feng Shui. There is nothing like one model that somebody can copy from place to place. Every consultant working by honest principles of Feng Shui, before proposing a complete refurbishment and innovation flat or house repair should first carefully check the current flow of energy (are there any obstacles blocking the free circulation of chi energy) and, above all, find out what are the expectations of residents, what hinders them, what and why they want to change, for how drastic changes they are prepared? Feng Shui is an exotic name, in our western civilization we  invented another scientific term – psychology of space, which successive generations of advanced students are doggedly studying, learning how to set colors, shapes, objects affect the emotions and well-being of their members. Whatever the nomenclature, it’s very helpful to use every source of knowledge which allows us more effective action and achieving the desired objectives. Feng-Shui itself does not do the trick for us all, but it can help a lot.

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