How to clean up the bad energy?

It is true that we have twenty-first century, where apparently is no place for magic and superstition, and magic is associated only with the Harry Potter series. However, many shows that modern people also experience certain events, which can not be rationally explained. One of these experiments are the negative energies associated with the places where we dwell (our apartments, homes, workplaces). Like everything is in order, and intuitively you feel that something is wrong … To do something to tame it, we call it “bad luck”, “bad karma”, acknowledging that some things have no chance to avoid that, so now apparently needs to be . It does not have.Diseases, quarrels, financial problems, depression can be caused by many factors.  If, however, we ruled out the majority of ‘normal’ causes and eradicate it with “normal” methods and the problem persists (eg. a patient at the hospital comes to full health, and after returning home, the disease returns; you sharpen your hands on your elbows at work, and the effects of – including financial – you cannot see), you may want to consult the method „not of this world “. No harm and can help a lot.

Almost two years we’re living in a rented flat. At the beginning it was quite comfortable there – a new city, new job, new opportunities. After some time we felt that the apartment instead of adding energy to us, somehow took it away. At the beginning we were trying to fight it off using Feng Shui – we put new colours on the walls, and put a lot of new, fresh plants, but the impression of stagnation didn’t disappeare. The decision was made – we move out. We were looking very long for the proper accommodation. The change should be for better, so the criteria were hard, without compromises.

We founded. Very nice, bright and spacious. Excellent. For the move we were thoroughly prepared. If this supposed to be a new beginning, we had to take care for all zones. Also, the visibles and less visible. First of all we wanted to enter into the house cleared from all the legacy that could possibly inhibit or furrow us. I searched a lot of materials and I discovered several methods for clearing the atmosphere and energy space, which will help get rid of negative energy and introduce to this place fresh and positive energy, which adds strength. Some of these rituals needs some time, but it’s worth spending some time and effort to get the desired effect.

The best is to begin each ritual with thoroughly cleaning up the place. Open all windows, let there as much natural light and fresh air in as possible to blow everything superfluous away. If you feel that the problem is very serious, back the furniture off the walls, thoroughly wash all angles and corners. After the first thorough dirtwashing we proceed with the ritual washing. For this we use water with salt or a special “magic water”:  3 sprigs of juniper, and 3 large tablespoons of sage and mugwort per liter of safe water (eg, Oligocene). Filter it into a new bucket (you can use also an old one but very carefully washed), add 9 drops ethereal rose oil supplement and complete with the healthy water (about 2l). Very accurately wash all surfaces, including the threshold and the door.

Then we begin the ritual of burning off the negative energy from your place. Prepare a few white cards, salt and white candles (even better is with beeswax, have more powerful purifying properties; if you don’t have lot of time you can use also white teelights) – it should be as much candles as much rooms in the apartment (including balcony, hallway, stairs, if they are inside the apartment) you have. Starting from the first room on the right side of the door we put on pad for the safety lighted candle. Then, in every ang and corner put a piece of paper with pinch of salt. It is worth to recite a favorite prayer, mantra or simply call the Higher Power with the intention of clearing that space off.

This is repeated in each room, moving inversely to clockwise. The most important thing is to leave the candles to burn completely out, at this time salt absorbs all the energy deposits in the apartment, even the very old and deep. For security reasons, you cannot leave the apartment at the time because of the burning candles. It is also worth to watch how the candles are burning – if it soots or sparkles it means in this room is covered a lot of much less friendly energy. Then after 7 days better repeat the process only in this room. The total purification ritual can be repeated once per quarter.

After complete burning off collect tapers (if any) and cards with salt (it’s important that all salt has been staying on the cards, not scattered) and entrust the remnants to the water, what means the best to throw them into the river or lake with the intention of clearing. If you are unable to locate any source of water, eventually it can be buried in the garden, the backyard or in the park.

After that you can, follow the same direction, clap entire apartment guided from the bottom to the top of the wall. Then, using incense or a special herbal mixtures (the most common ingredients are white sage, lemon balm, lavender, wormwood, marigold) go entire apartment round.

At the end it is good to have some pretty clear sounding bell and call it from the doorway – it introduces a new, fresh energy into the house. Visualize doing it that everything what is dark and unwilling is leaving your home and is replaced by light and good, strengthening energy. These rituals can be performed alone or be assisted by specialists.

In our house it helped and added us wings and power to the new ventures. We repeat this from time to time, so that the power was with us. What I truly wish you. Let the force stay with you ;-)

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